Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Week in Pictures

  • Mmmm, breakfast.
  • My new favorite thing to cook.  Asparagus, green beans, drizzled in olive oil and rosemary. So freakin good.
  • Waiting in line at the post office.  Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that they only have two workers for a line out the door?
  • Rain!
  • My shoes.
  • Doing laundry.  Finally, clean pants!
  • "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close."  Great movie.


  1. Glad to hear the movie was good! I thought it would be!

    And a birchbox is a box you get once a month filled with 4-5 beauty samples. When you sign up, you fill out a beauty profile & they send you products they think you will like. It's 9.99 a month. I've only gotten 2 so far, but both have been really good!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Mmm, those green beans and asparagus look delicious! Also, I can't wait to see that movie! And read the book, too. I hope you have a great day :)

    xo, gina

  3. your breakfast looks yummy. you can come cook for me if you want (:


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