Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we slept in until 9am.  That has never happened before, ever.  Most of the time we are up by 6 at least.  We all lined up at the top of the stairs to come down and see what Santa had brought.  We  opened our stockings and then had some breakfast.  My mom made us wait until after church to open the rest of the presents, and I'm pretty sure Aubrey thought she would die from anticipation.  She would groan every time we sang another song, or there was another speaker.

We came home, got back in our jammie's, and opened presents.  We have a serious problem of present guessing at our house, so a few years ago my mom came up with a system.  Instead of putting our names on the presents, she'll come up with a theme and give us names from that.  One year it was superheros.  Another year she did Disney characters.  This year she did Star Wars and I was Darth Vadar.  She says she just drew out of a hat, but I'm a little offended.

Christmas was great.  Everyone was really excited about what they got and it was a great day.

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  1. i always want to be apart of your family, even if you are darth vadar.



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