Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Highlights of the Week

Not much blogging has taken place this week.  I go through phases.  Sometimes I want to do it a lot. Other times, not so much.

Halloween was fun.  I dressed up as a Price is Right contestant, but I don't think people got it until I told them what I was.  Do people not watch "The Price is Right" anymore?  What is this world coming to?  Once I told them they thought it was cool.  Sorry about the out-of-focusness of the pictures.  I used the self timer and when I set it my face was in front of the lense so that's what it focused on.

Last night, Ashley and I went with Caitlyn to a basketball game (so we could approve her man, he he).  We approved.  Ashley was suuuuuper hyper at the game, it was pretty funny.  Don't give that girl Mountain Dew!

Today was my first day in my field experience.  It is so much more fun going into a real live classroom than sitting in a classroom learning about it.  The school I am at is really nice too.  I'm in a 3rd grade classroom, and every students has a computer on their desk.  And not just any computer, a Mac computer.  I kinda wish I was still in Elementary school so I could go there.  Actually no, because then I would have to go through the awkward Jr. High phase again and that's better left in the past.  I'm really excited for the next three weeks.  The only awkward moment of today was me thinking that one of the students was a boy, but no, she's a girl.  I seriously couldn't tell until I read her name, and then I felt really bad.

Peeling a pomegranate sucks.  I had bought one before and forgot how big of a pain it is to peel.  Definitely not worth it.

Christmas season has started.  Today on Spotify I was listening to a random mix and a Christmas song came on.  "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Mariah Carey.  This is the song that started the Christmas Fever 2011.

I don't understand how I can clean my room so it is spotless, and then be gone pretty much all day and yet it is still somehow messy.  Where does the mess come from?  Ok, this picture doesn't look that messy, but it's just a good angle.

Ok, that's all.


  1. dude the price is right is my FAVORITE show!!! i would have been so jealous of your costume if i saw it in real life...well, im actually jealous anways

  2. I actually went to a tapping of the Price is Right when it was still Bob Barker! We unfortunately got the second showing and since I was up since like 3 am to drive and wait outside for tickets I fell asleep! Epic fail I know! But cute costume!

    Found you on the Followers Fest!

  3. I hate that when I clean my kitchen spotless, I just have to make dinner and have my husband come home and it's a mess within hours again.

  4. cute costume!!!! i heart. and umm yes give me a MT DEW!!! imma give you one this weekend. clean that room would ya ;)(its pretty much spotless..)



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