Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Dinner Plans

I was going to make spaghetti for dinner tonight, so I started my noodles and then went into my room to do something.  A few minutes later, I went back out there to check on them and realized I had turned on the wrong burner. "Ugh," I thought.  So, I turned off the burner that was on and went back to my room.  A few minutes later I went back out there to check on the noodles again and saw that they still weren't boiling.  Why?  Because I had forgot to turn on the right burner.  So, I turned the right burner on and then went on about my business.  Then I totally forgot about the noodles and by the time I checked on them they were a soggy mess.

At this point I gave up and ate cereal.

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  1. this is me every single day. except i just skip right ahead to the cereal and dont even attempt at concocting a real meal haha

  2. i am a big fan of cereal for dinner.

  3. That is quite a bummer!! Although, i think the cereal was a better choice all along!


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