Thursday, September 08, 2011

What did you do today?

I hope it was more exciting than what I did.  I had a bottle of oil in my car because I thought I was being prepared in case something happened, but that backfired.  So apparently the lid wasn't shut all the way and it had fallen over.  It had been leaking all over the back of my car for who knows how many days.  So my afternoon was spent attempting to get the massive amount of oil out of the back of my car.  How do you even get oil out of things?  I have no idea.

Then I remembered the Dawn commercials.  You know the ones where they are cleaning the little ducks and sea otters that are covered in oil, and they are bathing them in Dawn and then putting them back in the ocean?  Yeah I remembered that, so I went and got my dish soap and a roll of paper towels.  An hour and a whole roll of paper towels later I still didn't get all of it out, but it is out for the most part.

See that blue bottle right there?  Yeah, that's the culprit.  Dirty looks are allowed.

This bag was full of the nasty paper towels I used to soak up the oil.  When I was walking it over to the dumpster the bag opened and dumped on the ground so I had to pick up the trail of nasty paper towels.

Please please please bless my car doesn't smell like oil.  I'm hoping the ample amount of grapefruit smelling dish soap will cover it up.

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  1. ya, were DEF going in my car to the concert. poor car. wait.. does it have a name???



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