Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting my Country Fix

Friday night, Ashley, Kiley and I headed up to Usana for the Rascal Flatts/Sara Evans concert.  Traffic was INSANE.  It took us over an hour to drive a usually 25 minute drive and then traffic was bad to the concert too.  I am so glad I wasn't driving.

Look, we were happy even though we were in traffic.

Sara Evans was amazing! I've always loved her, and she was fun live.  I'm not gonna lie, Rascal Flatts wasn't my favorite live.  They did a lot more talking and a lot less singing then I wanted them to do.  When they did sing, they were good.  The concert was still fun though, and I was with some pretty awesome people.  And the drunk people dancing around us were cracking me up.

Good times :)

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