Friday, September 23, 2011

Define slight

Last weekend, my sisters and I went to Old Navy and were browsing through the clearance section.  I was going to get a shirt and saw the same shirt on the clearance rack so I figured I'd buy that one instead.  I looked at the tag and it was more than 50% off with the reason of "slight hole".  This is what the shirt looked like:

What exactly do they think slight means?


  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha!! I lol'd at this.

  2. Hey Sam! This post made me laugh. :P I was shopping the other day and found this perfect bikini top only I just happened to notice that the left strap was starting to tear a little. When I told the girl at the counter in hopes of a discount she snatched the top off me and put it back on the shelf and said "somebody else will buy it!" :O lol. It's incredible what some stores think they can get away with!

    Thanks for following by the way, I am now officially following you back. :)

    Felicity. x


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