Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

I can't wait until 2012 because there are some pretty awesome movies coming out. There are two that I am really excited about.  Really excited.  So excited.  Ok, you can tell I'm excited.

First, The Great Gatsby. Ahhhh! Leonardo Decaprio will be playing Jay Gatsby (perfect) and Carey Mulligan will be playing Daisy Buchanan (also perfect.)



On a semi-related note, I want this shirt.

And then . . . the most exciting movie . . .

The Hunger Games!  I am so excited to see what they do for this movie.  They better do a good job because I have this movie imagined perfectly in my head.  If not, we can put all the producers in a Hunger Games.
JUST KIDDING!  That's not nice.  But we can send them a strongly worded letter.

Is the four note tune at the end Rue's song? Speculations? Guesses? Anyone know for sure?

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