Thursday, July 07, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now.

  • The fact that it's raining outside.  With thunder and lightning.
  • The movie Baby Mama. Hilarious! "I don't know yo life!"
  • This picture
  • That the weekend is almost here! (I love that every week)
  • That I only had to work 3 days this week.
  • That tomorrow is payday.
  • That I got Season's 1 thru 6 of Grey's Anatomy for $47.  Ya yeah! I heart Ebay.
  • The Hunger Games series.


  1. Hunger good! Love the blog!

  2. i know! it's amazing! and just as good the 2nd time around :)

  3. working a short week is the best! having days off during the week makes everyday go by faster!


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