Monday, July 25, 2011

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Is it just me, or do weekends days go by faster than any other days?  Today is a holiday (Pioneer day for those of you who are not in Utah. Ok, it's really the 24th, but because it was a Sunday, it's being celebrated today), so I suppose that makes the weekend better except for the fact I didn't get work off.  That's okay though, it was fun anyways.  After I got off work, my sisters Ashley, Briar, and Melissa came over.  We chilled at my apartment until Allison got off work and then we went to IN-N-OUT for lunch/dinner. 

After that we went to Yogurtland because I have now got my sisters addicted to the deliciousness.  4 down, the rest of the world to go.  They have a Hello Kitty theme going on now, so their cups are HelloKitty and their spoons are HelloKitty.  They are freakin cute and make eating the yogurt that much better.

After that we went back to my apartment and watched way too many Youtube videos, (like this one, and this one, and this one.) but were cracking up because we are easily amused.  If you click on these links and think they are as hilarious as we do then I think we could be friends because we have the same weird sense of humor.

After losing some brain cells on Youtube we went to Nickelcity and won a buttload of tickets.  It was great.  It is ran by an old couple and the old guy wears a toupee which kinda made me happy.

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