Friday, April 15, 2011

A Post on Procrastination

One of my talents is procrastinating.  Seriously, I am sooo good at it.  If they had an award for procrastination, I'm pretty sure I would win.  

What I usually do is everything I don't have to do before the one thing I do have to do.  For example, let's say I have to do homework.  I'll come into my room and see that it is messy.  And you can't study in a messy room so I have to clean it.  That'll take up a good hour, because I tend to take my time on the menial task because this is what expert procrastinators do. 

After that I'm probably thirsty or hungry from all my hard work and everyone knows you can't study on an empty stomach, so I'll head down to the kitchen for some nourishment.  I'll eat something to regain my strength, and then I'll probably see someone (like my brother or my sister) in the kitchen because that seems to be the hang out place in our house, and I'll have to talk to them because it's rude to not say hi and see how they're doing.  This conversation might take awhile because you can't cut a heart to heart short.  

After our talk, I'll head back up to my room fully motivated to do my homework, but I'll have to check my phone to see if anyone tried to get a hold of me with something important to tell me.  While checking my phone I'll notice the time and see that it is way to late to start studying.  Everyone knows you can't study and fully function late at night, so I'll have to go to bed, because if I don't I'll be dragging the next day which would probably effect my homework-doing-abilities the next day.  

And thus the homework is pushed off until the next day. . .

But you should all be happy because this pointless post was brought to you by none other than procrastination.  I would make a safe bet thought that most people reading this are also procrastinating . . .

Don't worry though, I procrastinated even more and found some pictures!

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