Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Handwriting Game

So my friend Ashley (click here) tagged me in this Handwriting game.  I don't normally do "tagged" things, but I decided to do this one.

What you must do is write out these questions so we can see your handwriting. Easy enough, right?

the questions:
1. what's your name and blogger name?
2. what's your blog's URL?
3. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag bloggers to participate.

 I Tag:
Kerri @ Oh Mann!
Allie @ Wagstaff Family


  1. ooooh!! This looks like such fun!! I heart Depeche Mode!! Thanks for tagging me!! I will have to play along!! :)
    Have a wonderful day doll!!

  2. i am stealing your handwriting.. mmk. bye.


  3. I am going to do this today if it kills me! I have a house to clean but this will be a nice break and I keep remembering it at all the wrong times (like running errands at Costco, driving around somewhere, falling asleep, you get the idea) but I am determined to make time for it today! Thanks again for tagging me =)


Thanks for your comments! I really do love them! I'm a slacker when it comes to responding, but it really makes my day to hear what you have to say :)

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