Thursday, February 03, 2011


(Photo courtesy, quote by Bill Cosby)


  1. i just stole this. put it as my background. ps i left like an hour long comment earlier today but then my computer went crazy and it got deleted... boo! but i lovey you! and you need to do a beest date ever post for my blog feature for the month of love! love you!

    oh but my comment was that you look good long and short but you need to decide what makes you feel more like "sam" .. cuz you look hot either way !! .. but i think long is better cuz its less maintence.. so i think that you should keep it long and cut straight bangs.. what are your thoughts on this??


  2. i'm glad you stole it. it's my new favorite quote. good old bill cosby, i always liked him.

    yeah i'm thinking long. i don't know if i could pull off the bangs tho. hmmmm. but i might dye it or something.

  3. love this quote!
    thanks for sharing! :)


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