Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Brush with Greatness

One of my teachers this semester will always ask us if we've had a brush with greatness.  That's where you've had the opportunity to meet someone great, whether a personal hero, politician, superstar, whoever.  Just someone great.  Well today I got that opportunity.  Patch Adams came to my school and spoke, and afterwords I was able to go up and meet him.  It was pretty cool.  I loved the movie, and cry every time I watch it, because it really is such an inspiring story.  If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. 
He talked a lot about happiness and that we need to decided now to be happy.  We need to notice that we're alive, be glad we were born, and not waste a moment insulting it.  One of my favorite things he said today was,

"The most revolutionary act
a person can commit 
is to be happy."

(This is when I was waiting in line to meet him.  The people before me got pictures with him but he stopped that because there was a huge line. Sad day. Check out his insane outfit!  He said he wears stuff like that because he tries to look in such a way that the person standing next to him can't help but start the conversation.)


Also, on a totally unrelated note to Patch Adams, well, maybe it is related because it has to do with medical stuff, and he is a doctor.  Anyways, I work at the library at my school. Yes, I'm a librarian, sorta, technically just a library aide. But that's not the point of this story. So anyways, I'm at the desk and this guy comes up and says a guy is sleeping and making funny noises and that we should probably check on him. One of my co-workers goes over, and then a minute or so later comes back and gets my supervisor because he's not responding. So my sup goes over there and as he's walking tell's me to call campus police. So I get them on the phone and end up going over to where the guy is and he's sitting in his chair and his head is all the way back and he's turing purple.  You can tell he's not getting a lot of air and his pulse is really weak.  I tell all this to the cops, and they're already sending someone over (which took them forever and a day). I'm holding the guys head up to try and open his airway so he can at least get some air, because really that's all I can think to do, (It's amazing how all the C.P.R/health training/what to do information just flees when you need it.)  Finally the police get there and we get the guy on the ground and they have to do rescue breathing and are rubbing his chest to try and get circulation.  They eventually got him on a gurney and wheeled him out.  I felt bad for him because everyone was staring at him, and he was trying to hide his face.  But I guess what happened, at least the rumor of what someone overheard the cops saying was that he had taken codine and alcohol together. Scary stuff. 

So yeah, that was my exciting event of the day.

Also, I just ordered some new books online.  I'm pretty excited.  Got some Steinbeck to add to my collection, East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, and The Grapes of Wrath.  I've read the first two, but want to reread them.  I also got Lord of the Flies, and The Kite Runner.  I'm hoping I have some time to read soon, I still need to finish my current read :)

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