Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Because Star Wars is cool . . .

 My Star Wars shirt. I like it.

So Amberly and I (look at that correct grammar. go me!) went to the Provo Mall and in the parking lot was a VW Van. I love these vans! What's cool is it was all decked out for Christmas, complete with lights and a wreath on the front. I want one :)

So, naturally, we stopped and took pictures in front of it.

While at the mall I got a sweet "Excuse of the Day Calendar."  It's pretty funny.
So, now if someone asks me to do something, and I really don't want to, all I have to do is consult my calendar.


  1. this post made me miss you. a lot. and its only been like 4 days.


  2. I love those Vans - they were worth 10 points if you saw one back in the day...you are probably too young to remember that game LOL! :)
    I, too am not ashamed to admit I have a Star Wars shirt!


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