Monday, January 03, 2011

100 Things

Because my last post was my 100th post I decided to list 100 things.  Things I like, am thankful for, are on my mind, wish I could do, whatever.  Just a list of 100.  So, in no particular order, with absolutely no rhyme or reason, here it goes:

1. prayer
2. family
3. burts bee's wax
4. my camelback water bottle
5. friends
6. school
7. forgiveness
8. freshly washed sheets
9. travel the world
10. sharpie pens
11. the atonement
12. music
13. the office
14. people who are there for me no matter what
15. my trials
16. italy
17. goals
18. the future
19. a boy
20. weezer
21. books
22. my fitness orb
23. fresh starts
24. superman
25. my sisters
26. sunflowers
27. clouds
28. rain
29. traveling
30. happiness :)
31. laughing til my cheeks hurt
32. simplicity
33. doing absolutely nothing
34. running
35. being able to progress
36. cardigans
37. jeans that fit just right
38. knowing no matter what I've done there's a way back
39. snow patrol
40. lyrics that you completely understand
41. finding someone who understands what you've been through
42. looking at the stars
43. my thinking spot
44. wish my car was fixed
45. hiking
46. the beach
47. dancing in the moonlight
48. skinny dipping
49. scriptures that hit you in the face and are meant for you right then and that moment
50. the fact that I'm half way done with this ridiculously long list
51. choices
52. first kisses
53. crushes
54. wish I was done with school
55. Van Gogh
56. The Kiss by Klimt
57. Elvis
58. The Beatles
59. Romeo and Juliet by The Killers
60. colorful things
61. inception
62. really good quotes
63. awesome one-liners
64. someone saying exactly what you need to hear without knowing it
65. being there for someone
66. giving of yourself
67. get an RV and travel all 50 states
68. laughing til my stomach hurts
69. the feeling after running
70. holding hands
71. books that make you think
72. photography
73. fireworks
74. the temple
75. the lyrics of "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
76. the lyrics of "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds
77. the number 8
78. watching soccer
79. making a fool out of myself dancing
80. laughing with my sisters
81. my family quote wall
82. going somewhere new
83. learning something new
84. making eye contact with a cute stranger
85. the smell of clean clothes
86. my pomegranite-mango body wash
87. hot wings
88. opportunity
89. Turning the radio up as loud as it will go in the car
90. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car
91. finally understanding what I song is saying because you've been through it too
92. "Starry Night"
93. teaching a child something and seeing how excited they get when it clicks
94. friends who know everything about me and still love me
95. seinfeld
96. making retarded music videos
97. the gospel
98. the feeling I get in my brain when I think about time
99. butterflies in your stomach
100. the feeling of doing something that scares you

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