Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love is . . .

My dad wrote this awhile ago for a talk he gave in sacrament meeting, and I remember loving it.  The other day I was thinking about it and so I went to our old, ancient, incredibely slow computer downstairs and was able to find it in the documents saved on there. I was pretty happy. My dad's a pretty good writer if I do say so myself.

So here it is:

Love is remembering the first time I saw my wife.
Love is not noticing the time past since that first time.

Love is the silence of a meadow just before dawn.
Love is the roar of the ocean during a storm.

Love is all things.

Love is the birth of our first child.
Love is going to our first graduation.

Love is the gentle falling snow.
Love is the thunder that mother nature may show.

Love is all things.

Love is a still summer breeze.
Love is a powerful tornado.

Love is all things.

Love is holding hands at the grocery store.
Love is holding hands at the hospital door.

Love is the rain that brings forth growth.
Love is the lightning that splits the oak.

Love is all things.

Love is a familiar voice with encouraging words.
Love is feeling sorry after a fight has occurred.

Love is the birth of lion cubs.
Loce is the life taken to feed those same cubs.

Love is all things.

Love is a day filled with joy, a day filled with sorrow, a moment of passion, a moment of anger.
Love is nature giving life and full of beauty, or wielding it's strength and proving destructive.

Love is all things.

Nothing shows love like a man by himself, standing in line at the Wal*Mart with feminine hygiene products.

(image from www.corbisimages.com - quote and editing by me)


  1. i need to find me a man to buy me some tampons!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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