Friday, December 31, 2010

Fill in the Blank

1.   New Year's is (awesome/lame/other)  eh, it's alright. It's not my favorite holiday, but I do like the fact that my dad usually does something embarassingly cool, like the year he took his amp and guitar to the porch and rocked out.

2.  Last New Year's Eve I  don't even remember what I did. It probably wasn't that exciting then, ha.

3.  My New Year's resolution is  to  train for and run a 1/2 marathon. And also be better spiritually.

4.  The best way to spend New Year's Eve is   with friends. And a cute boy so you can have someone to kiss at midnight. I've never done that but I would like to.

5.  My prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is  20's style. Wouldn't that be cool? Or maybe even the 40's. With the cool hairstyles? It's be sweet.

6.  This New Year's Eve I will   actually be doing something fun! So the plan is to go see The Tourist (which I am super stoked about because I love Johnny Depp) and then seeing the lights at Temple Square which I'm excited about because I didn't get to see them before Christmas and then my friend is having a little get together thingy so I'll go to that if I get back soon enough.

7.  A fresh start is  always good. I agree with thinking it's kinda silly to wait until the start of a new year to do something you want to do, but it's as good a time as any.

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  1. Your Dad sounds like mine! LOL H@pPy NeW Ye@R!!!


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