Thursday, November 18, 2010

While you were sleeping . . .

So the other day I was watching one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping. Seriously, this is a great movie! Why do I love this movie, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

#1: It has Sandra Bullock in it.
#2: Her name is Lucy, and I love the name Lucy. #3: She falls in love with a guy named Jack, and I love the name Jack.
#4: The family is HILARIOUS!

Here are some great quotes:

Elsie: I like Mass better in Latin. It's nicer when you don't know what they're saying.

: That's something I'd like to talk to you about.
Midge Callaghan: Talk about that later ok?
Mary Callaghan
: Talk about it now, he can't kill you in church.

Lucy: If you fit into my pants I will kill myself.

Midge Callaghan: These potatoes are so creamy.

: You give up your seat every day in the train.
Peter: Well... But that's not heroic.
Lucy: It is to the person who sits in it.

Lucy: [trying to heave a tree up to her second floor apartment through the window] $45 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver? You order $10 worth of chow mein from Mr. Wong they bring it to your door.

[Joe Jr. knocks on door]
Lucy: Who is it?
Joe Jr.: Joe Jr.
Lucy: I'm not here.
Joe Jr.: I know that trick!

Lucy: [to Jack] Okay, um. What do you mean by the leaning thing? You mean because he gave me flowers?
Jack: And then you *leaned*
Lucy: And then I leaned.
Jack: Yeah.
Lucy: Okay, how did I lean when I leaned?
Jack: It was a lot different from hugging. Hugging's very different. Hugging that involves arms and hands; and leaning is whole bodies moving in like this
[leans toward her suggestively]
Jack: . Leaning involves *wanting*... and *accepting*. *Leaning*...
Joe Jr.: Hey Luce! Is this guy bothering you?
Lucy: [Laughs] No, no.
Joe Jr.: Are you sure? Because it looks like he's *leaning.*

Dr. Rubin
: [about Elsie] Is she all right?
Saul: [quietly] She has a little heart problem, she's had three attacks already.
Elsie: They weren't attacks, they were episodes.
Saul: Nothing wrong with her hearing.

Ah. What a great movie.

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